Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about your online dating experience? We've got answers


Can I browse members for Free?
In order to browse our members you can register as a FREE member by creating a personal profile. All our members are pre-screened through Family watchdog to ensure that our members are safe from registered sexual offenders.
I am a registered member but the system doesn't recognize me. What do I do?
Please make sure you have validated your email address that was sent to the email account that you signed up with. Also, please check your SPAM folder for our confirmation email.


How can I change my username?
Login to your profile then click the link for Edit Profile. From this page you can make changes to your username in your account settings.
How do I reset my Password?
You can reset your Password on our login page. Click on Forgot Password which will take you to our reset password page.


I have paid but my subscription is not active on the site, how do I activate it?
Contact the admin using the contact form to report the issue. Someone will be in touch within 24 hours. You will not be billed until your subscription is activated.
Can I pay by other means than a credit card?
Only credit cards or debit cards with credit card logos are accepted.
If I pay by credit card, what will show up on my statement?
Your credit card statement will show a charge from LLC.
How do I deactivate my account?
On your Edit Profile select subscription and select deactivate my account. Once you deactivate your account you will need to re-register and create a new profile.


Can I search by other parameters than age?
Yes, you may search using a fairly comprehensive list of search parameters.
Why did I receive a small list of matches when searching?
In order to get a better outcome in your search for compatible partners, we highly suggest that you take the time to fill out your compatibility questions and Deal breakers. This will provide you with the highest probability of being compatible with another user.


How can I become a Gold member?
Go to Edit Profile. Choose Subscription and select your term as a Gold member. Free for Females.
What types of Memberships are there?

Basic Member:

  • Take the compatibility checklist and view your suggested matches.
  • Search for matches based on your own specific criteria.
  • Create a profile
  • Upload pictures

Gold Member:

Same as Free membership plus:

  • Pass verification badges and agree to provide truthful answers and pictures
  • Add video
  • Email, instant message and video chat with other subscribers (communicate openly)
  • Webcam speed dates with an immediate Yes or No response (you'll never be left wondering)
  • Give feedback on interactions to help others grow and stay honest
  • Get feedback from dates
  • Personalized dating advice based on feedback from dates
What will happen if I cancel my Gold Member Subscription?

When you Cancel or Do not renew your Gold Member subscription. Your account will default to our Basic Member account.

Click here to see what is a Basic Member account.

Your Profile

What are the requirements for posting a profile?
Follow the simple steps to creating your profile when you register as this provides the minimum required information to match you with our members.
My profile was refused, why?
IF we find a profile that is not within our Policy/T&C’s we will notify member of removing their profile and they also will be billed full amount due.
How can I change my profile details?
Go to Edit Profile. From this page you can make changes to your account settings and other details about your profile. Make sure you click on the update button to save your changes.
Personal information

You agree that you will only use the Services, including the posting of any content through the Services, in a manner consistent with this Agreement and any and all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, United States export control laws. Use of the Services is void where prohibited.

a. Member Account. You will create only one unique profile for use of the Services. You will not include any telephone numbers, street addresses, URLs, multimedia, artworks downloaded from external sources, email addresses or any other contact information in your profile or in any other publicly viewable User Content or other communications made in connection with your use of the Services. Additionally, you will not include your last name in your dating profile. You understand and agree that anyone may be able to view any information you choose to make publicly available.

b. Exclusive Use. You will only use the Services for your sole, personal use and not in connection with any commercial endeavors. You will not authorize others to use the Services or otherwise attempt to transfer your right to use the Services to any other person or entity.

c. No Commercial Solicitation or Advertising. You will not engage in any advertising or solicitation to buy or sell any products or services through the use of the Services and you will not transmit any chain letters, junk or spam email to other users. Additionally, you will not use any information obtained from the Services in order to contact, advertise to, solicit or sell to any user without their prior explicit consent.


What types of photos are allowed? is a tasteful website that is there for people who are truly trying to make a connection and find a partner. We suggest using nice clean photos that show off your personality. We don’t allow any photos or content of a pornographic nature. If you find a profile that has such content please alert the admin using the form on the contact page. Be sure to include the username of the offending party.
My photo was deleted, why? does not allow photos or content of a pornographic nature. If your photo has been removed it may have violated this policy. Please contact the admin using the form on the contact page for further questions.
I have a problem uploading my photo - please help!
Make sure your photo is under 2MB and is one of our accepted image file types (jpg, jpeg, gif, png).
How can I delete/replace my main photo?
Go to Edit Profile. Then click on the link to Manage Images. From here you will be able to upload images to your profile’s gallery.
How can I add more photos to my profile?
Go to Edit Profile. Then click on the link to Manage Images. From here you will be able to upload images to your profile’s gallery.

Video Date

What is Video Date?
Video Date is a wonderful opportunity to get better acquainted. The concept of Video Date is to view your potential date live with the help of your webcam, you’ll be able to see your favorite Lady or Man and hear their voice without ever leaving the site. Traditional dating sites feature live chat which is terrific. However, live chat does not give you the personnel feel that viewing someone does. The ability to Video Date gives you the ability to feel the person spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and to see whom your potentially dating, saving everyone a multitude of time, unpleasant surprises, or embarrassment and it’s all done from the comfort of your home.
How to Set Up Video Date?
  1. For first step to set up a Video Date. Login or register on the site.
  2. Then find that someone you would like to Video Date with. Request them as a Prospect, and once your request has been accepted, both members will automatically appear in each other’s Prospect list. Please remember, you can only have video dates with someone that you are a Prospect with.
  3. Go to My Datebook and Click on Set up Date.
  4. From the drop down box select your prospect you’d like to set up a date with.
  5. Then Click on Date and Time to manually change settings.
  6. Next Click on Create Date and wait for your request to be answered. It’s that easy.
  7. Oh; don’t forget, If your date request Expires (No Response or a No Show from you or your date) your scheduled date will disappear from your date book.
  8. Both users will receive a date reminder one hour prior to your scheduled date.
How to set up a Person to Person Date?
If you would rather meet your prospect in person you can set up an INPERSON date.
  1. Go to My Date Book.
  2. Select your prospect you would like to have a date with from the drop down Menu.
  3. Choose In-Person on Date Location field.
  4. Then click on the field location, you can write for example: Lets meet for coffee at Starbucks, West 3rd St.
  5. Select the time you’d like to meet and just as a suggestion, how long you think you would like your date to last.
  6. Now just wait for your Prospect to accept your date. If your date is accepted, Great! Enjoy your date.
How to Set Up Instant Video Date?
  1. For selecting an instant Video date. Request someone as a Prospect. Once your request has been accepted both members’ will automatically appear in each other’s Prospect list.
  2. From your prospect list, select who you would like to have an instant video date with. From their profile page click instant date. If they aren’t on line then set up a video date request at a later time.
  3. Drop down Start box will stay open for 2 minutes. This allows you to time to Start your Date.
  4. Choose Instant video date with Camera Icon.
  5. Video camera will start to establish connection. Good Luck!
Starting your Video Date
  1. For starting your Video date please wait for Date to Start. Video date box will drop down from the top left corner your screen.
  2. Then Click on the Camera icon to activate your computer camera. The first time you may need to allow your computer to use your camera, click allow.
  3. Wait for Connection to establish.
  4. Drop down Start box will stay open for 2 minutes. This allows you to time to Start your Date.
  5. Click on Start Date Button. Accept request steps to allow and also remember your camera.
  6. Once you see yourself and your date, click on Play arrow icon and 5 minute timer will begin.
  7. You both have 5 minutes to decide to continue your date or date will automatically end after 5 minutes.
  8. If both of you would like to continue your date for an unlimited time, both members must click on thumbs up button before the 5 minute timer ends. If only 1 person clicks on thumbs up date will end.
  9. To cancel the date, choose thumbs down button to cancel at any time.
  10. After your date, you are taken to Feedback page, where you have the option to answer questions about how your date went. You can answer as many questions you like or came back later at your convenience. This helps you remember all dates with each Prospect on your list. Please be truthful in your answers, remember your date will have the same questions to answer about you.
  11. During your Video Date make sure no other camera applications are running on your computer.
What is Feedback? How to give Feedback after your date?

Feedback allows you to provide helpful suggestions to members you had a date with, keeps a record of your dates, give feedback after in-person dates. You can also give a Feedback after an Instant video date and Scheduled video date direct from your Review Date Tab from your Homepage.

After each date you will be given a chance to give and receive Feedback about your date. What is Feedback? It is the opportunity to learn and help one another DateBetter online.

  1. When your Video date ends you will be taken to your Feedback page. Here you will be able to choose the question or questions that best suits how your date went. You can even make Additional notes about how your date was.
  2. After your In Person date you will be able to give Feedback after the end time you have posted in your date book. Please remember, you need to schedule your date in My Datebook page to be able to give Feedback.
  3. You and your date will receive a personal Feedback e-mail from showing the questions and how your date answered each question. A Great way to learn Better about each other.
How do I receive a badge?
When Feedbacks are given Badges are awarded to each member. So please be truthful in your answers.

Example questions:

Did your date show up?

Did your Date resemble their profile?
There are several badges on Family Watchdog, I look like my picture, My picture needs updating, and Gold Membership badge’s.
  1. Family Watchdog badge is given right after you register on All members are screened through Family Watchdog sexual offender program to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Learn more...
  2. or badges: I look like my picture and My picture needs updating. Once Feedback is given after a date, you will be able to receive either one of these badges. So remember the importance of posting a real and current picture. Personally, you don’t want to receive a badge that says, My picture needs updating.
  3. Your Gold Membership badge, let’s each user know you are a paid member, and that you will be able to use all the features offered.
What hardware/software requirements are needed to have a Video Date?
  • Internet connection speed of 64 Kb/sec or above (128 Kb/sec is recommended)
  • Web camera, microphone, speakers or headphones - Note that most computers and web cameras come equipped with their own microphones
  • Flash Player (version 8.0 or higher)
  • Computer settings must correspond to the requirements of the service.

(When upgrading your Flash Player please click on “remember button” to save settings)

We suggest using updated versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari as your browser.

Video Date Tips
  • Your date has the right to not partake in Video Date.
  • The Video Date option is available only for Gold members.
  • If the person you are having a Video Date with is not who they seem to be or you are just not interested, you can just cancel your date anytime you decide.
  • The Video Date feature is to help you meet your potential love interest from the safety of your home with no out of pocket expenses.
  • We do ask you to present yourself as you were going out on a date for the first time. How you dress and look are very important, remember this is your first chance to impress your date.

Embed A Profile Video

How to embed a video?
  1. Log Into Date Better.
  2. Click Edit Profile
  3. Under Member Edit -- Open the drop down options under Media.
  4. Choose Manage Videos
How to get YouTube embed code?

Please do not submit questions to Date Better regarding any YouTube related issue. Please use the helpful links below.

How to get Vimeo embed code?

Please do not submit questions to Date Better regarding any Vimeo related issue. Please use the information below.